things work out

All the beautiful moments and wonderful people I met in San Diego only made it harder to leave. I’m still kind of reeling from the experience. Thanks to all of you for making my time there special.

I flew out early on Tuesday morning in a tiny Cessna 172SP. I posted an ad on craigslist on the off chance that somebody would be going that way when I needed to go, and when I got a reply from someone saying he could fly me there for about the same cost as a rideshare, I couldn’t believe it. The only catch was that we could only fly weather permitting, so there was some uncertainty. Fortunately skies were blue and by about 7am we were checked and fueled up and ready to take off.




The pilot, Freddy, is also a musician and we had lots to talk about. I felt at ease pretty much right away, and I can totally see now how people get addicted to flying. It didn’t even occur to me a week ago that I might wind up with both an amazing new experience and the most convenient lift to El Centro I could possibly have asked for.

Now I am home and getting settled in again. Even though it’s cold and dreary it feels great to be here. Truth be told I was pretty homesick while I was away. A few friends from Montreal passed through last night as well so it’s been kind of nonstop action even now that I’m back. I am SO TIRED OH MY GOD. I still have to process everything that’s happened in the last six weeks – once I get a moment to rest I will take the time to go over everything and get a sense of where I am artistically. Lots to do still but I’m feeling motivated and inspired and ready to take on the rest of this project on my own.


~ by Natasha Duchene on April 23, 2009.

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